Description of the painting by Peter Rubens “Venus and Mars”

Peter Paul Rubens - author of the painting "Venus and Mars", size 133x142. Venus is known as the goddess of love, in Roman mythology. Mars is known as the husband of Venus. Rubens became one of the founders of a new style in art - Baroque. Bright images, curvaceous and heavy figures in motion. The sharp transition of shadows, the contrast of color and colors seem to give his paintings energy. In his works, he painted scenes from the Bible, animal hunting, family scenes.

His paintings are an example of a highly religious spirit. Each of his works is filled with the deepest meaning. Bright colors, and at the same time in combination with dark shades, give the picture a uniqueness and exclusivity. Images of people, most often without clothes, naked female figures, children's figures, sometimes the author resorted to myology. So in the picture the artist draws an angel and a spirit. A woman holding a vessel, representing the family hearth, a man’s sword, symbolizing male power. The image of an angel as a symbol of peace and goodness, he holds on to the sword, as if protecting from danger.

Representation of female beauty corresponds to the spirit of that time, magnificent forms testify to physical health and internal greatness. The artist embodied physicality and heavy beauty. Chic bright outfits, armor and a cloak, nothing more, everything in this picture harmonizes and combines. The painting is rightfully considered one of the best works of the time, preserved to this day. The painting is rightfully considered one of the best works of the time, surviving to this day, it bears a cultural heritage in world painting.

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